Camp Registration

FC Texas Camp 2017
Winter Camp
Cost for 2017: $160 per camper.

Rules and Terms of Service
Rules for acceptance and participation in this program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability, political belief, or religion.

Arrival and Departure Arrangements
Drop off will begin at 3:00PM. To be fair to everyone, there will be no drop offs before 3:00PM. Pickup is on the final morning after 10:00AM. Campers have responsibilities until this time. Due to these responsibilities as well as other schedule interruptions, if campers are checked out prior to 10:00AM, there will be a clean-up fee of $15.00 per camper, collected at time of pick-up. Please note, NO checkouts can be performed on the final night of camp, during the evening activities. If pick-up is necessary, it must be before or after these activities. Camper pickup ends at noon. Due to excessive abuse of checkout times, if campers are picked up after 12:00PM on the final day, there will be an additional charge of $25.00 per camper, per hour, collected at time of pick-up.

Rooming Requests
If you wish to room with someone specific, please let us know when you send in your registration forms. However, younger campers will not be allowed to move up to room with older campers.

Dress and Conduct
Camp is conducted in a spiritual atmosphere, which includes wearing modest apparel. While we recognize that this means different things for different people we have adopted the guidelines which are followed at Florida College.

From the Florida College Student Handbook:

Clothing should not have logos or messages that are indecent, “Pajama pants” are not appropriate except in the cabins, Men are not to wear sleeveless shirts at camp, except when playing sports on the sports field, Female clothing should include proper undergarments and should not be tight-fitting or revealing.

Prohibited clothing includes:
° Halters, tank tops, or blouses showing the midriff.
° Backless or low-cut dresses.
° Low hip-hugger pants.
° Skirts or pants that do not touch the kneecap.
° Skirts slit above the kneecap.
This clothing will be acceptable at all camp functions.

Each camper is expected to follow camp rules. Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and unprescribed drugs will not be allowed. Stealing, profanity, possession of weapons of any kind, or abuse of camp facilities will not be tolerated. Additionally, firecrackers, shaving cream and water balloon fights are prohibited. Disrespectfulness to counselors and failure to follow their instructions will not be tolerated. Offenders of any of the camp rules are subject to being sent home at the discretion of the camp director, with no refund. A complete list of the rules can be found here.

Cell Phones
Campers are prohibited from bringing any electronics to camp, this includes cellphones. We strongly encourage all campers' cellphones to remain at home during camp. Any cellphones that are brought to camp will be collected and returned at check-out. At check-in, all parents will have an opportunity to obtain the cellphone numbers of directors as well as counselors. If campers are found to have a cellphone, the directors will find some pots, pans and toilets for them to scrub. Not kidding!!

Health and Safety
Trained first aid personnel will be available. Accident insurance (included in camp fee) will be provided for all campers who do not have other insurance and as a secondary insurance for those that do. Insurance information is suggested to be on file for all campers. Florida College Texas Camp requires a Medical Release Form on file and Camp Hensel requires the parents and guardians of every camper to sign a Release and Indemnity Agreement. No one can attend camp without this form on file.

The daily camp schedule includes devotions, Bible classes, singing, sports, hiking, games, and regular meals. There is also entertainment each evening, including a New Year's Eve Party.

Cost and Reservations
Cost is per camper. This will cover room and board as well as all activities. If paying by check, make payable to: Florida College Booster Club. A reservation is made when the camp fee is paid in full. Any campers that register with only 3 weeks left until camp may not receive a camp shirt. A full refund is available up to 2 weeks before camp starts. In the time period between 2 weeks before camp and the start of camp only a 50% refund will be issued. No refunds will be available for campers leaving camp early for any reason.

Suggested Items to Bring
   Paper Bible (no electronics)
   Knee-length Robe (or the like) to travel to and from shower
   Personal Items
   Towels and Washcloths
   Sleeping Bag or Bed Linens
   Musical Instruments (Optional)
   Athletic Equipment (Optional)
   Insect Repellent

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