Camp Rules

1. Nametags will be worn above the waist at all times.

2. Remain on schedule at all times. Be at each activity on time.

3. A whistle blast by a counselor means to stop, look, and listen.

4. Only the nurse is to dispense medicine.

5. No one is to leave campgrounds without permission. Campers may not leave cabin after “lights out” without permission from cabin counselor.

6. Stay away from the cliffs on the creek by the Lodge. A counselor must be asked to retrieve any property beyond the fence.

7. Campers’ cars are to be left parked at all times.

8. Pick up your trash all week.

9. Keep up with your clothes and money.

10. No food or drinks in cabins, which means no dishes in the cabin.

11. No fighting, shoving, hitting, or kicking of any camper.

12. No water, rubber band, pillow, or shaving cream fights are allowed. All equipment brought for such purposes is to be taken up and held until the end of camp. No toilet paper wrapping is allowed.

13. No electronic equipment is allowed, this includes cell phones and ipods. Counselors/Directors will hold all such equipment until Saturday.

14. No shorts or skirts are to be worn that are above the knee. ALL shorts and skirts must touch the knee. No shorts that touch the knee when rolled down may be rolled up above the knee. Also, no halter tops or sleeveless shirts are allowed. Dress code is in effect on the way to and from the swimming area. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

15. Cabins of the opposite gender are off limits.

16. Proper conduct between campers must be observed at all times. In Junior Camp, this means no body contact. In Senior Camp this is limited to holding hands. There will be no public displays of affection between campers.

17. No use of weapons of any kind, illegal drugs, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, firearms, or firecrackers are permitted.

18. Stealing, profanity of any sort (including but not limited to: obscenity by words, gestures, music, or pornographic materials), possession of weapons of any kind or the abuse of camp facilities will not be tolerated. VIOLATORS WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY HOME.

19. Counselors have been carefully selected and their instructions are to be respected at all times.

20. Bring your Bible to classes and devotions.

21. No ball playing, Frisbee or rock throwing around the Lodge.

22. No sitting behind the orange cones in the amphitheater.

23. No switching of cabins is allowed. Campers are not allowed to get into the belongings of others; raiding cabins is forbidden.

24. Going to the bluff without a counselor is strictly prohibited.

25. Campers may bring a camera to camp, but NO pictures are to be taken in the cabin.